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What is required for internship participation?

It is required that interns be full time students at their institution, and in a STEM-related program of study. Interns must maintain minimum coverage car insurance, a 3.0 overall GPA, or semester GPA of 2.8 (dropping below either will result in a discussion on support you may need, and how ESTEP can assist you). Interns are also required to perform weekly check-ins, and monthly video or in person check-in.  

How do interns get paid?

Interns are paid via direct deposit, monthly. Payments are submitted for processing the last week of the month. The monthly living stipend is a reflection of each interns level of participation. Interns must complete the required check-ins to prevent delays in payment. 

*When submitting documents, use secure methods such as VeraCrypt or remove confidential data before sending via email.**


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