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Application Process

  1. Submit your application online.
  2. Send your resume and unofficial transcripts to 

The ESTEP management team will review your information and contact you to dicsuss current intership opportunities available in your area. Internship prerequisites are generally based on field of study (bio-chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, etc).

The team will forward your application to the Principle Investigators for the projects that meet your experience and major. Upon selection, you will be notified to schuedule an interview with them. Once you accept an internship and sign the Memoramdum of Understanding, you can start. 

Due to security at internship sites, you may be required to complete a background check that can delay your start slighlty. We recommend getting all your information to us, as soon as possible to prevent delays.  

*When submitting documents, use secure methods such as VeraCrypt or remove confidential data before sending via email.*


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