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University Global Affairs Committee (UGAC)

The Mission of the University Global Affairs Committee (UGAC) is:

To advocate for campus globalization and act as a catalyst for globalization efforts at CSU San Marcos

UGAC is a University Committee whose members represent faculty, staff and students. The 2014-15 membership of UGAC is:

  • Dr. Ibrahim Al-Marashi, College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences
  • Dr. Cata Ratiu, Faculty, Chair, Global Business Management
  • Dr. Vassilis Dalakas, Professor, Marketing
  • Dr. Eliza Bigham, Faculty, College of Education, Health and Human Services
  • Dr. Elizabeth Matthews, Faculty, Global Studies
  • Dr. Francisco Martin, Faculty, ACIP Representative
  • Michael Schroder, Dean, Extended Learning´╗┐
  • Robert Carolin, Associate Dean/Executive Director, Global Programs and Services
  • Dawn Schmid, Director, American Language and Culture Institute
  • Grant Parsons, Associate Director, ´╗┐American Language and Culture Institute
  • Danielle McMartin, Associate Director, Global Education, International Student Advisor
  • Tiffany Gabbard, IP Coordinator and Study Abroad Advisor
  • Colleen Manthey, International Admissions Specialist
  • Hilary Taylor, Director, Language Learning Center
  • Alhijaz Althagafi, Student Representative, International

The primary focus of UGAC is on the internal campus community.

The main activities of UGAC are:

  • Serve as an information clearinghouse on international activities.
  • Promote efforts to globalize the curriculum.
  • Make faculty travel awards in support of campus globalization.
  • Assess globalization efforts on campus.
  • Schedule international events for the campus community.
  • Advocate for international student support.

The University Global Affairs Committee administers two grant programs intended to promote campus globalization.