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Master of Science in Cybersecurity

A Professional Science Master’s Degree - Fully Online

Cybersecurity is characterized as one of the gravest national security dangers facing the country. There are currently not enough professionals with technical and business skills in cybersecurity to meet the exponentially growing need.

Demand for cybersecurity professionals over the past five years grew 3.5 times faster than demand for other IT jobs and about 12 times faster than all other jobs. – Burning Glass Technology

Interested in taking a Cybersecurity course, but not the full Master's degree?  Learn more about taking select courses


How to Apply to Cybersecurity
Senior Experience
Contact Cyber Security

This fully-online program will prepare students to:

  • Quickly adapt to changes and solve problems
  • Conduct risk analyses for implementing information security solutions
  • Assess and implement security decisions
  • Analyze and select security architectures and network protocols in relation to security
  • Develop secure software
  • Evaluate and choose encryption algorithms
  • Perform offensive security (i.e. ethical hacking)
  • Perform vulnerability assessment of networks, operating systems and software
  • Perform intrusion detection

Program Logistics

  • Fully-online program
  • 38 units and can be completed part-time in 5 semesters
  • A semester-long "culminating experience" will include onsite experience within the cybersecurity industry
  • Cohort structure guarantees classes are available as needed
  • Hands on exercises
  • No prior knowledge of cybersecurity required

Cohorts begin every Fall semester.

Please note: The administration of The Master of Science in Cybersecurity program is contingent upon having the appropriate number of qualified candidates.  In the event the number of minimum qualified candidates is not satisfied, the program may be delayed or cancelled prior to the program's start date.  Accepted applicants will be notified in writing if the program is cancelled or delayed.  We encourage you to visit our website frequently for the most up-to-date information.