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Conscious Connecting |Conquering Self-Esteem | Entre Familia| Gathering Compassion | Healing Hearts |
Healthy Lifestyles |  LGBTQIA Safe Space | Recognition, Insight, Openness (RIO) Taming the Anxious Mind 

If you are self-referring for a group, please contact the SHCS front desk to schedule a brief screening to confirm eligibility. All participants of the Healing Hearts group need to check in with either Lissa Lim (760) 750-4911 or Brittany Greenbaum (760-750-4914) prior to attending.

Conscious Connecting

Do you have difficulty developing and maintaining close relationships with others?  Do you desire the opportunity to gain a better understanding of yourself and how to relate to others?  Do you feel alone in your struggles?  If so, this group may be a great fit for you.  This group will provide the opportunity to learn and practice new skills for interacting with others to develop more self-confidence and happier relationships.  This group would be most appropriate for students who are currently struggling in a specific relationship or lack of relationship (e.g., parents, significant other, friend, roommates, co-worker) and want to have a safe and confidential place to talk about the relationship and gain skills, awareness, and grow.  This group will provide an experience where they can learn to interact with others in a positive and healing way and help them let go of old habits underlying social interactions.  We will be discussing components of what makes for healthy relationships and communication techniques.  
Come meet with other students in a casual environment to discover how to be the best you in your relationships!

Who: Jay Robertson-Howell, Psy.D. and Brooke Adams, MA
When: TBD
·        Screening required along with a completed intake

Conquering Self-Esteem

This is a 3-week mini-course for students who feel they have low self-esteem or who are just very critical of themselves (including perfectionists!). Students will learn important skills that will help them change their perspective of themselves by a) increasing their capacity for self-kindness and acceptance of personal limits, b) learning to release critical self-evaluation and judgment, and c) reducing destructive habits. Participants will learn how to get out of their own way!

Who: Jay Robertson-Howell, Psy.D. 
When:  TBD 

Entre Familia

This group provides Latin@/Hispanic/Chican@ students a space to share, learn, and explore issues related to their culture, family, academics, as well as any other issue affecting them. The group also focuses on building community, mutual support, and empowerment.

Who: Lissa Lim, Ph.D. and Laura Thode, MA
When: Thursdays, 2:30-4:00
·        No screening required -  Open group – Students can join at any time

Gathering Compassion

Are you interested in developing a kinder relationship to yourself?

This group provides a safe space to practice self-care and learn about the different ways compassion and mindfulness can help you cope with everyday stress and global distress. It is a group designed to help you build a healthier, happier and more present reality for yourself. It is open to individuals of all genders, ethnicities and cultures, and each week includes a mindfulness practice, an introduction to a compassionate self-care topic, and a discussions on how compassion can be of use in a variety of situations

This is an on-going drop-in self-care group with an aim to increase self-compassion and well-being.

Who: Brittany Greenbaum, MA, Allison Peters, Psy.D. 
When: Thursdays,  3:30-4:45pm

Healing Hearts

This group is designed for people affected by sexual trauma, and is open to people of all genders and cultural backgrounds. The group provides a safe and empowering space for students to gain support, connect with each other, and learn coping skills that can help them move toward healing.

Who: Lissa Lim, Ph.D. and Brittany Greenbaum, MA
When: Tuesdays 3:00-4:30

Healthy Lifestyles

If you’ve had difficulty losing weight or have lost weight in the past only to gain it back, did you blame yourself (I’m too weak… I’m not motivated enough), your body (There’s something wrong with me), or your diet (This just didn’t work for me)?  It’s more likely that you just didn’t know how to diet. In this group you will learn HOW to avoid cheating; resist tempting food, even if it’s on the table in front of you; and how to cope with hunger, cravings, stress, and strong negative emotions without turning to food for comfort. You’ll also learn how to motivate yourself to exercise, even if you’re not naturally inclined to do so. You’ll discover how to do all the things you think you need to do to diet successfully—by changing the way you think and addressing the psychological components of healthy eating and lifestyle changes using The Beck Diet Solution Book and Model.

Who: Tamara Savage, Ph.D. and Laura Thode, MA
When: TBD
Questions? Contact Dr. Savage at or Laura Thode at

LGBTQIA Safe Space

This group will provide a safe and supportive environment for persons who identify as LGBTQIA, those who might be questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, and those who would like support as they navigate the coming out process.  Come join us to meet new people, build a sense of community, and to share your experiences (both the benefits and challenges) of being LGBTQIA.  

Who: Jay Roberston-Howell, Psy.D. and Lindsey Robertson, Ph.D.
When: TBD
·        Screening Required

Recognition, Insight, Openness (RIO)

Recognition, Insight, Openness (RIO) focuses on skill development and learning to respond to distress in a flexible way. The three sessions are divided into content that builds on itself which will help attendees 1) gain a deeper understanding of their concerns, 2) create flexibility in how they view and approach distressful situations, and 3) help them take steps toward living with a wide range of emotions. This workshop is an excellent starting point to the therapeutic process.

Who: Multiple clinicians
When: Multiple days and times – See link on website for course dates

Taming the Anxious Mind

This 3-week workshop will provide participants a better understanding of their anxious mind. Participants will learn effective ways to calm the body, calm the mind, and to create a stress-tolerant lifestyle.

Who: Jay Roberston-Howell, Psy.D.
When: Mondays, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm